Ken Arneson is a Swedish-American baseball geek web programmer, married with three daughters, living in Alameda, CA.

Professionally, Ken is a small fish that keeps getting eaten by larger ones:

  • He worked for a company called Ingres, until it was swallowed by Computer Associates.
  • He worked for a company called Dataflex, which was swallowed by a company called Vanstar, which was swallowed by Inacom, which was swallowed by Compaq, which was swallowed by Hewlett-Packard.
  • He helped found a company called Intraware, which was swallowed by a company called Acresso, which changed its name to Flexera Software.
  • He founded a website called Baseball Toaster, which had bits and pieces of it swallowed by SNY.tv and the Los Angeles Times.  There, he ran two now-defunct blogs, an Oakland A’s blog called Catfish Stew, and a baseball poetry blog called Humbug.
  • He founded another company called Passbox.  It too, was swallowed, but in a complicated, hard-to-explain way.

Ken has two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Computer Science, and in English.  A fan of brain science, he feels the left brain/right brain thing is mostly mumbo-jumbo.  Declarative/procedural memories is the dichotomy where it’s at.

Ken can sometimes be found on Twitter @kenarneson.

This is Ken Arneson's blog about baseball, brains, art, science, technology, philosophy, poetry, politics and whatever else Ken Arneson feels like writing about