Ken Arneson is a Swedish-American baseball geek web programmer, married with three daughters, living in Alameda, CA.

Professionally, Ken is a small fish that keeps getting eaten by larger ones:

  • He worked for a company called Ingres, until it was swallowed by Computer Associates.
  • He worked for a company called Dataflex, which was swallowed by a company called Vanstar, which was swallowed by Inacom, which was swallowed by Compaq, which was swallowed by Hewlett-Packard.
  • He helped found a company called Intraware, which was swallowed by a company called Acresso, which changed its name to Flexera Software.
  • He founded a website called Baseball Toaster, which had bits and pieces of it swallowed by SNY.tv and the Los Angeles Times.  There, he ran two now-defunct blogs, an Oakland A’s blog called Catfish Stew, and a baseball poetry blog called Humbug.
  • He founded another company called Passbox.  It too, was swallowed, but in a complicated Dodger Divorce kind of way that’s hard to explain.

Ken has two Bachelor’s Degrees, in Computer Science, and in English.  A fan of brain science, he feels the left brain/right brain thing is mostly mumbo-jumbo.  Declarative/procedural memories is the dichotomy where it’s at.

This is Ken Arneson's blog about baseball, brains, art, science, technology, philosophy, poetry, politics and whatever else Ken Arneson feels like writing about