Simplicity I


Stuff trespasses in stealth,
like a twisted
thief in the night.

At first, stuff
just violates a drawer, but
then too a closet, and
an attic, a garage, a now-homeless car.
Stuff overflows the furniture, the floors
and next, moves
beyond the physical spaces
until you find you carry

a hard drive full of stuff, plus
a backup drive full of stuff
(in case you lose
the hard drive full of stuff), plus
a blog, two blogs, three blogs, plus
a facebook and a twitter, plus
a linkedin and a tumblr, plus
a yahoo and a flickr, plus
a google and a google plus, plus
three hundred friends, plus,
on each…

And where
among all this stuff
do you keep yourself?

Lock this silent prowler out
before your own figure
dissolves away to darkness.

My blog is moving

I have moved my blog from wordpress over to Update your blogrolls and RSS feeds accordingly.

Many reasons, but to sum it up in one word: simplicity.

To sum it up in a few more words: I have grown more and more dissatisfied with each of the available social media, each for its own quirky reasons. Moving stuff back to my own server will give me a more flexible canvas to paint things as I see fit.

I still don’t anticipate blogging regularly in the near term. But when I look out a little bit farther into the distance, when I clear more stuff off my plate, regular blogging seems more possible, if not more likely.