Yankees Acrostic Poem

George is always mad because I
Play each time through imperfectly; the team expects
Perfection, or something approaching dominance, always
Resulting in victory, earned run averages
Consistently low, each member exceeding normal standards.
We eschew lovable loser status;
Winning is life; life is about meriting success;
Success often results in a nearly obsessive
Mania unleashed so success is never absent.
Juggernauts eat their enemies ravenously.

Royals Acrostic Poem

Rany and Neyer didn’t actually
Believe Royals’ optimism warranted notice,
But even reluctant reporters’ opinions alter
If brought astonishing new evidence zapping
Their understandable concerns. Knowledge ends reluctance.
Belief emerges laboriously. Time reveals a narrative.
Stories will emerge, evidence notwithstanding, every year.
Hope also reappears, vindicating every yea-sayer.
Many a central division opponent underestimated greatly Allard’s labor.
May Allard yell
Luck is my ally!
Rob eats lard!” and flip off Royal doubters.

Diamondbacks Acrostic Poem

Veteran injuries leave languishing Arizona realistically expecting a lemon.
Old relics offer paltry excuses, sagging attendance.
With each broken bone,
Veterans are lost. Veteran efficency ratchets down eventually.
Old veterans end reigns. But all year
Kids offer play lofting over veteran experience.
Kids are the answer!

Fortune Cookie Kind

The Generator of the Random Diamond Note
has current 40-man rosters in my latest upgrade.
To celebrate, I now present a song I wrote
from a randomly generated title that it made.

The Angels love Kevin Appier’s sense of humor, like the time when he got up and danced wiht the Rally Monkey to “Fortune Cookie Kind” by Seven Windmills.

Download the song: