My blog is moving

I have moved my blog from wordpress over to Update your blogrolls and RSS feeds accordingly.

Many reasons, but to sum it up in one word: simplicity.

To sum it up in a few more words: I have grown more and more dissatisfied with each of the available social media, each for its own quirky reasons. Moving stuff back to my own server will give me a more flexible canvas to paint things as I see fit.

I still don’t anticipate blogging regularly in the near term. But when I look out a little bit farther into the distance, when I clear more stuff off my plate, regular blogging seems more possible, if not more likely.

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4 thoughts on “My blog is moving”

  1. Testing the comments layout. The new comments will use Disqus (so that I don’t have to handle user registration). The old comments will come out of the database. I also plan to maybe someday port over my old Toaster posts (with comments) here, too.

  2. Also, I’m not sure how often I’ll actually open things up to comments. So much of that discussion happens on Twitter these days, anyway. Having to take the time to manage comments just makes it that much less likely that I’ll take the time to post blog entries.

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