Here’s what I’m doing in my life right now:

  • Being a dad, walking the youngest one to school and back, chaperoning field trips, driving the teenagers when they need a ride.
  • Coaching my daughter’s soccer team.
  • Tweaking the ee gammings twitter bot I created. This bot tweets a combination of randomly generated short poems and baseball rumors. The challenge is to make it interesting and funny and not too repetitive.
  • Working on a website to explore and flesh out the Vulnerability-Trust model I have blogged about in more detail.
  • Converting all my old home movies from 8mm DV video tapes into mp4 format on my hard drive. It’s a much more time-consuming project than you’d think.
  • Keeping my eye open for interesting opportunities. Meanwhile, while my wife is working, I’m kind of in a semi-retired state. I say “semi-” because I’d still love to join/create a team of people who are working towards a common goal with a common vision I believe in. There is little that is more rewarding than belonging to a group of people who accomplish something together. I’m open to any of the multiple fields I’ve had a foot in: in writing or in programming, in business or in baseball, as long as there’s a team working together towards something.
  • Working (perpetually, it seems) on home improvement projects, like #KensGarageDoor. Getting unneeded stuff out of my attic and garage are the big ones right now.
  • Obsessing about turning 50, which is now less than a month away.

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