Please Fill In This Joke

There’s something funny about these two consecutive pictures I took today, one minute apart. There’s a setup and a punchline, but I can’t figure out the middle.

So, three cops are sent to investigate a mischievous duck.

… (insert body of joke here) …

"Wow", said Jeff Baisley, "that’s the first hit I’ve ever had!"

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7 thoughts on “Please Fill In This Joke”

  1. 5.  “I picked a bad day to do my first hit of LSD. It seems like there’s a huge duck lecturing me.” said one Red Sox fan to another.

    “Wow”, said Jeff Baisley, “that’s the first hit I’ve ever had (too)!”

  2. 7.  or…Jeff Baisley is in the duck suit.

    Meanwhile, the duck guy, wearing Baisley’s uniform, gets a hit.

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