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9 thoughts on “It Wuertz Me To Say This, But…”

  1. 2.  I suppose I might show up in the comments section at Athletics Nation. Or in Philip’s old place at But I won’t be blogging anymore. Believe me, after the next and final blog entry, I will have absolutely nothing left to say.

  2. 4.  This site will be missed. Catfish Stew was not only the best A’s blog out there, I think it was the best blog, period.

  3. 5.  I enjoyed this blog, and am sad to see it go. I think you’d be a fantastic addition to a great community over at – check out the message board sometime. I am a long time poster there (since ’04, and am still considered new). I have no affiliation with the people running the site, just recommending a truly valuable piece of internet real-estate that is all about A’s baseball.

  4. 6.  I am crying. Between the bad joke and the blog shutting down, it’s all tears. Thanks for the awesome blog. I really enjoyed it.

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