My Final Take-It-Or-Leave-It Offer

Because I’m retaining Scott Boras
I’ll hold out, and not join the chorus
With new homes online.
If you want me to sign,
Bid a mil and a golden thesaurus.


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4 thoughts on “My Final Take-It-Or-Leave-It Offer”

  1. 1.  Your limerick might have been at least a little bit amusing if you had spelled the agent’s name correctly.

  2. 2.  Oops. Thanks for catching that. I played with misspelling it deliberately (“Borus”) or misspelling “chorus and thesaurus”, and ended up misspelling it by mistake. Must have been thinking about Steve Boros at the moment.

  3. 3.  A stadium stood empty in the snow
    Or was it only my imagination?
    A ghostly field, not many years ago,
    But still the wrong time, maybe the wrong nation.

    Is it loss only that provokes the Muse?
    Of course not. We exalt in victory.
    Perhaps we feel nostalgia when we lose,
    Craving return to how things used to be.

    I don’t like telling people when I’m sad.
    Why burden them with my negative heart?
    I’m not much for emotion, good or bad.
    My so-called poetry is form, not art.

    I was in the right place at the right time.
    Thanks for the chance to share my paltry rhyme.

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