I won’t foretell which stars this year will shine

Astrology’s for those who study charts

And reading cards takes braver minds than mine

To say which clubs have diamonds in their hearts.

I won’t predict if pinstripes will prevail

Against the green and golden dreams of youth

Or if when mighty mariners set sail

They’ll find upon the seas some central truth.

For truth, and beauty, spring forward as twins,

Revealed to us in pairs, slowly, unplanned,

Exposed through time by constant waves and winds

Like buried pirate treasure under sand.

Foreknowledge can help simplify the game,

But life is best when mysteries remain.


is a radioactive
with an imperceptible
a tree
can be climbed
like a long stairway
to mysterious
step up
and swing
before the call
to come in for dinner
makes the invisible runner
standing on the second base bag
become a beat-up old glove lying out in the street

1994 Strike

not even a
hi mom
to the ancestors.
a tree
forgets mother earth
and topples
for lack of roots.
the glorified leaves
crumble in the dry wind.  the wood
decays.  mom
can only sprout
anew, forgetting
ungrateful sons


a baseball is born
shiny and smooth
as a baby's cheek
a perfect sphere
travelling innocently
in straight lines
in time,
a single bloody scar
wraps around
its body
and changes

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